Put my right foot in, I put my right foot out…

26 Sep

Sometimes it’s hard to see so many people I care about move forward while I still feel as though I am stuck on a log. Specially in regards to art.

In this crazy small universe, I found out a friend went to school with someone I knew in Highschool. It was great to hear how well he was doing and to hear, no surprise, that he is now working for a gaming company.

Which makes me put a marker as to my age and where I am in contrast to where I’d like to be. They say everyone has their own path and you get to where your going in your own time but it’s rather frustrating to know one’s own path seems as slow as a snail.

I always get to where I am going, in this I have no doubt, but there are times I wish it was sooner rather then later.

Which reminds me, how is it I have so many people around my life that are in gaming companies or in something similarĀ  yet I am not in the “IN” of this success? What is the universe trying to teach me?

Gah. Be kind to myself, lady Bee.